From mid-2019 you will no longer find paper manuals with our products. We have made the choice to display the manuals online, so you can easily search them and we save the environment enormously. The software is now only available online, so you always have the latest version.

Which app do I need?

From mid-2019 we will gradually switch to a new app for smartphone and tablet. At the moment we are still using the FreeIP app, but in the near future we will be using Bitvision. You can easily tell by the type number of your device whether you need to use Bitvision. The Bitvision devices have an e.g. indication on the label (e.g. CHD-D1-G e.g.). The FreeIP devices do not have this label (e.g. CHD-D1-G v6). Wifi sets always use the Bitvision app and therefore do not have the mentioned addition.

In short:
With vb indication on the label, e.g. CHD-D1-G vb -> Bitvision
Wifi set without vb indication on the label, e.g. WF-S01-4KB3 -> Bitvision
Without vb indication on the label, e.g.. CHD-D1-G v6 -> FreeIP

The VMS software works for all models, so with and without vb indication.


We hebben handleidingen opgedeeld in verschillende categorie├źn, zo kun je snel de juiste handleiding vinden.

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  • Klik hier voor VMS software handleidingen voor Windows en OSx
  • Klik hier voor Bitvision app handleidingen voor smartphone en tablet
  • Klik hier voor FreeIP app handleidingen voor smartphone en tablet

We think it's very important to write manuals for everyone, whether you work with our products every day, or have never done so before, the manual will always help you. Do you think a manual is missing, or do you find something unclear in the manual? Then let us know at, and we'll take a look at it!