Dealer korting

As a Neview dealer, you don't have to pay the recommended price, because we want you to have a good margin so that you can also provide good support to your customers. Our products should of course be attractively priced. The price you pay for our products depends on the dealer group you are in. The higher the dealer group, the higher the discount. The discount on a product depends on several factors:

The product itself / the product category
One product is simply not another. The margin of one product is very different for us as well, so we can't give you the same discount on everything. If we place you in another dealer group (with more or less discount), it doesn't have to be the case that the discount is the same for all products. We apply a maximum discount per product.

Your purchase per year
We know that we provide about the same amount of support to every dealer, but in practice it doesn't really matter whether a dealer buys 4 camera systems or ten times as much. That is why we can assign a different dealer group to you in case of a larger order. You can then buy at a better price.

Discount at registration

If you just became a dealer, we don't really know each other yet, of course. We don't expect you to promise to buy at least 200 cameras in advance, but we usually can't offer you the highest discount either. Depending on the conversations we have and the information we receive, we can decide to place you in a higher dealer group in advance so that you can immediately benefit from a competitive price. If it turns out afterwards that this is not the case, it is possible that we will change your dealer group again.

When does your dealer group change?

We don't automatically assign a new dealer group to you in order to achieve a certain turnover, that's because we allow more factors to be taken into account when choosing the right dealer group. The cooperation between us and you as a dealer should be of interest to both of us. The dealer group therefore depends on a number of factors::

Purchase per year
The more you buy, the better the discount we can give, it is also interesting for us if you are going to buy more.

Payment behaviour
Do you often pay late and our financial administration often has to contact you? Then we are less likely to divide you into a higher dealer group. We like it when you also meet your payment agreements. We cannot deliver the first € 2500,- on account anyway, after that it depends on our credit insurer.

Showroom or shop
Do you have a showroom or shop and do you show our products clearly to your customers? Then we will gladly reward you. By the way, did you know that you can always buy products for an exhibition in a shop or showroom at an extra discount?

Support from Neview
Of course we are happy to help you with all your questions and we will never punish you for it, but are you a dealer who likes to investigate ourselves and knows our systems inside out? Then we will gladly reward you.

Am I entitled to more discounts?

As mentioned before, we do not automatically change the dealer group of your account. Of course, you can always contact us about this, but it is also common for us to change your dealer group ourselves. We will inform you about this of course. If you want to place a large order, we can always see what we can do for you.

Discount per dealer group

Check out the discount on the recommended retail price per dealer group below. The discount may differ from the group discount for some products.

Attention! You only have access to the pages of your own group.

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