Adviesprijs & dealerprijs

For each product on our website you will see a recommended price. The recommended retail price is an indication of a reasonable retail price. It is an indication, you can know for yourself whether you ask more or less from your customers, because we do not want to oblige you to sell it necessarily for the recommended retail price. We generally revise the recommended retail price about 4-6 times a year, but not all prices change at the same time.

Healthy margin important

Of course you can sell an IP camera with a profit of € 10,-. In the end you have a big problem, because without a healthy margin you can't provide the support your customers need and that we expect from you. Let alone that you build up reserves yourself. That's why we think it's important that you, as a dealer, use a healthy margin for our products. If you can sell less than the recommended retail price with a good margin, that's not a problem. Do you want to ask more? Then of course that's also possible. After all, price is not at all the most important factor for most customers in our industry.

We think it's good if our dealers compete with each other, even if this is done on the basis of the selling price. However, we don't want a "race-to-the-bottom" and so we kindly ask you to take care of that. If we suspect that something is going wrong in the advice, sales and after-sales process, we may decide to stop supplying you with new products.


Dealer price

The price you pay for the product we call the dealer price. This dealer price is the recommended retail price minus the discount you get as a dealer. This means that the dealer price depends on a number of factors and can therefore change more often each year. See also the page with information about dealer discount