Over Neview

Neview is a Dutch supplier of professional security products. Our products are characterized by a high quality and a good fair price, which makes us a popular brand among individuals and SMEs who prefer not to compromise on the quality of their security, but also do not opt for the exorbitant prices of large well-known brands.

Originally, we are an OEM supplier, which means that we supply our products to various Dutch and foreign customers without a visible brand designation. However, since 2013 we have also been supplying under our own brand name and in 2016 we have switched entirely to products with a clear brand name.

Product development

In the case of a technical product such as electronic security, the further development of hardware and software is the most important thing, we at Neview know all about that. That is why new products are constantly being added to our range, but the existing products are also constantly being improved and updated. We regularly publish software updates for all our products and will always do so for quite some time.

In consultation with our dealers, adjustments are made to the product range on a regular basis. This often involves minor technical adjustments to cameras (e.g. the type of lens, or the housing), but also major updates to software and apps.

Our productrange

The products we sell are mainly focused on camera surveillance. We have a wide range of security cameras and recorders, but also accessories such as PoE switches, cables, mounting material and infrared lighting. If there is a lot of demand from our dealer for a certain product, we will of course look at the possibilities for its development.

Environmentally conscious

As a company, we consider the environment to be very important, because we have more influence on it than the average consumer. We therefore believe that we should do as much as possible about this. That is why we have taken many steps in recent years.

- Reduced product packaging

Each product is packaged, which is of course necessary to protect it during storage and transport. By making the product packaging as suitable as possible, we save a lot of filling, but we can also transport more products at the same time, which saves a lot of space in delivery vans and airplanes.

- Digital manuals

In 2019 we will switch to digital manuals, we think it's a shame that we put a paper manual and CD in every product. The end user usually receives several products (e.g. a recorder and 4 cameras) and therefore already has 5 manuals and CDs. By making this information available digitally, we not only save the environment enormously, but we also provide a manual with the most recent software downloads.

- Energy and CO2 savings

We have equipped our premises with sensors, which enable us to measure the temperature in each room and to heat up where necessary. In addition, we switch our lighting with motion detectors. If there is no one in a room, the light there is automatically switched off. The lamps we have are of course all LED lights.

We generate more energy than we use ourselves with the 44 solar panels on our roof. After all, we already know that we will be using more energy in the future than is currently the case. Finally, in 2018, we had a new biomass boiler installed to heat our building. This will heat the water in the central heating system without gas..