As a dealer of Neview you have to deal with many different customers, both business and private. Perhaps you sell online, or not at all. We believe that all our dealers should have a cooling-off period of at least 14 days for every sale. Both for online and offline sales and to both consumers and business customers. This creates confidence in the end user and ultimately ensures a better sale for you as a dealer. With good advice, the number of returns will be minimal, regardless of the return period.

Of course, we don't want you to get stuck with products that customers send back. That's why we have a reflection period of 40 days for our dealers. This way you have plenty of time to get a product back, to check it and to send it to us.

Can my customer return the product directly?

In principle, yes, but it is true that the products must meet the return conditions (see bottom of this page). It is therefore wise to first check whether your customer's products meet these conditions before you pay back the purchase price. If the products do not meet our return conditions, you may be charged for this (see also at the bottom of this page).

Who pays what shipping costs?

What you agree with your customers you can of course decide for yourself (if within the rules of your country). In addition, we apply the following rules:

- If an entire order is returned, you will also receive a refund of the shipping costs paid to us.
- The shipping costs to return the package to us are for your own account.

Will I get the purchase price back?

If the products we receive back meet the conditions (see bottom of this page) you will get the full purchase amount back from us. If your products do not, or do not fully, meet the conditions, we may charge you for this.

Return conditions

We hanteren enkele voorwaarden voor het retour sturen van producten, op die manier kunnen we een scherpe productprijs blijven hanteren. Voldoet je retour niet aan de voorwaarden, maar wil je je product wel retour sturen? Neem dan even contact met ons op om de mogelijkheden door te spreken. Bij producten die niet (geheel) aan de voorwaarden voldoen kunnen wij kosten in rekening brengen.

  • The return notification will be sent to us by e-mail within 40 days of dispatch.
  • The returned products are in all respects in new condition.
  • The returned products are in their original undamaged packaging.
  • All settings, logs and camera images are removed from the product.
  • The product is no longer linked to an account (Bitvision / FreeIP).

Possible costs

Does your product not meet the conditions? Then we will give you an indication of the costs if you still send it back to us:

  • New serial number for IP camera / NVR / XVR: € 20,- excl. VAT incl. new labels
  • New packaging security camera: €17,50 excl. VAT incl. new labels
  • New packaging recorder: € 22,50 excl. VAT incl. new labels
  • New packaging recorder: € 12,50 excl. VAT incl. new labels