At Neview we work with dealers, so as an end user (consumer or company) you can't just order from us. We also do not accept everyone as a Neview dealer, because we want to make sure that as a Neview dealer you can offer your customers the best advice, a suitable solution and good support. Knowledge and a passion for technology are therefore very important to us.

This is what you get as a Neview dealer

  • Sharp purchase price based on your purchase per year
  • Regularly extra offers and themed campaigns
  • Quick technical support for questions or problems
  • The latest technology available quickly and from stock
  • Access to firmware and software updates
  • Fast and economical shipping throughout the European Union (info)
  • Dutch repair department for fast warranty processing
  • Extra discount for products for your own store / showroom 

This is what we expect from you as a dealer

Before you can become a dealer it is useful to know what we expect from our dealers:

- Branch related

As a dealer of our brand, you must have a bond with the branch. You don't have to focus specifically on security products, but we do think that you should be active in, for example, installation technology, security, or IT. In addition, our product must of course be a logical addition to your product range. For example, if you are a confectioner looking for cameras, you can of course just buy them from an existing Neview dealer, becoming a dealer yourself will unfortunately not succeed.

- Focused on sales

You become a Neview dealer because you want to sell our products to customers. This can be done in a shop, by appointment, but also online in a web shop. If you are going to sell our products online, we do expect you to be more than just a dropshipping shop where you have loaded a product list. You cannot become a dealer if you want to buy a camera system for your own use.

- Good advice and technical knowledge

We think it's very important that you can provide your potential customers with good advice without having to look at the financial returns of certain choices. It is also important to us that our dealers have sufficient technical knowledge and are prepared to supplement that knowledge if necessary. We don't mean that you have to know all the information and specifications by heart, but you have to be able to find the technical specifications of our products and convert them into a clear explanation to the end user. If you can't figure something out, we can of course always help you.

- No minimum purchase

We do not oblige you to purchase a minimum quantity or to order for a minimum amount (per year or per time). Of course we can offer products for a better price if you buy a lot of them, which is more interesting for both of us.

- Minimum 2 years warranty and 14 days cooling-off period

Consumers in the Netherlands have more rights than companies, online consumers have more rights than in a shop sale. However, we find it important that end users of our products know where they stand, which is why we believe that they should be given a minimum of 2 years warranty and should be allowed to return the products within at least 14 days, even if they are not purchased online. Of course, as a dealer you also get a 24 month warranty and you can return products to us within 30 days.

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